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Power Point Scheme of Work 

This scheme has been created by Sue Upton, the author of the novel, Paper Boats and Butterflies: Unfolding the Truth. Sue has been teaching for 30 years in both primary and secondary education, at schools in Cyprus, Kent, Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire. Having been a deputy head in a large primary school and Head of Expressive Arts and Deputy Head of 6th Form in a secondary school she has a wealth of knowledge. Her main subjects are English and drama, and she now has her own tutoring business, Lighthouse Learning. Sue began writing about ten years ago. This is her first published novel, the first in a trilogy.


  • The scheme is made up of 18 lessons, allowing for three lessons per week across a six-week term. 

  • The two final lessons are optional as you may wish to carry out assessments.

  • Each lesson has a power point document and resources.

  • Class sets of Paper Boats and Butterflies: Unfolding the Truth are available at a very reasonable price. 

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