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Paper Boats & Butterflies True Tears, book 2 in the dystopian literature trilogy.

Miranda has found her family, yet Z84 has been abandoned by hers. Miranda is finally free while Z84 is incarcerated within the confines of Zephyr; escape is the only option. The Teardrops can help, but who are they and can they be trusted? Zephyr and Trefoil hold many secrets – can they be unlocked in time to stop more tears from falling?

Cover of Paper Boats and Butterflies True Tears
Butterfly in flight.png

Paper Boats and Butterflies: True Tears, is the second of a trilogy for a young adult audience.

It is still 2015 and continues the story of Erin Winslow and Z89 Marcon, two girls who live very different lives. We travel back to Cornwall and then on to Shropshire, meeting many new characters.


Education can be very different for all young people and a challenge for many, none more so than Z89 and Erin. Erin soon discovers what life has been like for Z89 and vice versa. Education in Zephyr School can be very harsh, but students are also rewarded. Newton School allows much more freedom showing Miranda that you can speak freely and stand up for what you believe in. 


Family and friends are usually there for you, to support and help, but not always in the way you want them to. Some you can trust and others you can’t. Both Erin and Z89 discover who is true to them.

Broken Heart


  • Zephyr is Latin for a gentle breeze

  • Zephyrus was the Greek god of the west wind.

  • Air is one of the four elements essential to life. The other three are earth, fire and water. In Latin these are Terra, Ignis and Aqua.

  • People who are Air signs in astrology can be charming, flexible and independent but can also be inconsistent, selfish and dishonest.


  • A trefoil is the shape of three arcs arranged in a circle.

  • Trefoils are used in architecture and in Christian symbolism.

  • A trefoil or three leafed clover was used by St Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • Sir Thomas Tresham, the father of Francis (one of the Gunpowder Plotters) designed a triangular building, Rushton Triangular Lodge, that incorporates many Christian symbols including the trefoil.

  • ‘Tres Testimonium Dant’ is an inscription on the lodge meaning ‘there are three that give witness’.

Heart and Broken Heart

  • The heart shape signifies love and affection.

  • A heart signifies compassion, understanding and is the giver of life.

  • A broken heart is a metaphor for intense stress caused by someone no longer loving you.

Some insights into TRUE TEARS:





How the book cover has evolved:


  • The skull is again the main component of the cover, but various things have changed.

  • Eye - The all-seeing eyeball indicates that things are now becoming clearer and more visible.

  • Tears - Crying can help to clear the soul; it can make you feel liberated and feel more energised to move ahead. Both boys and girls cry in the novels suggesting it is okay to show your emotions.

  • Water -The stormy sea is a metaphor for life becoming more difficult and having to battle against dangers. The wind and water work together to create a storm.

Paper Boats & Butterflies True Tears cov
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