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Book cover for Paper Boats and Butterflies

Book 1

Paper Boats True Tears book cover

Book 2

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Book 3

Paper Boats and Butterflies, Unfolding the Truth, is the first of a trilogy for a young adult audience. It is set in 2015 with dystopian touches and explores Nature versus Nurture. 

At the beginning of the novel, we meet two girls, Z89, who is bombarded by rats and giant spiders, and then in complete contrast ERIN, who is seen arguing with her parents. Erin often gets into trouble at school and feels her parents favour her brother, MALACHI.

Erin lives in a small town called Newton. Her family are comfortably off and seem to be happy and ‘normal’. Z89 has no family and lives in a very different environment, yet to her this is also ‘normal’.

Erin, a karate black belt, discovers things about her family she cannot explain and decides to uncover the truth.  

Paper Boats and Butterflies: True Tears, is the second of a dystopian trilogy for a young adult audience.

It is still 2015 and continues the story of Erin Winslow and Z89 Marcon, two girls who live very different lives. We travel back to Cornwall and then on to Shropshire, meeting many new characters.


Education can be very different for all young people and a challenge for many, none more so than Z89 and Erin. Erin soon discovers what life has been like for Z89 and vice versa.


Education in Zephyr School can be very harsh, but students are also rewarded. Newton School allows much more freedom showing Miranda that you can speak freely and stand up for what you believe in. 


Family and friends are usually there for you, to support and help, but not always in the way you want them to. Some you can trust and others you can’t. Both Erin and Z89 discover who is true to them.

Paper Boats & Butterflies: Igniting the truth is the third book in the dystopian literature triolgy for a young adult audience. 


Erin, Miranda and the Teardrops have escaped Zephyr, but now must run for their lives. They discover more about Trefoil, the company who are behind the underground schools and find they are now up against a huge corporation, Pro-Di-To, who are not going to give up without a fight.

Both Erin and Miranda learn how to make fireworks at their work placement. Frankie and his sister, Cara use their knowledge to design computer systems in boats.


If they trust one another, they might be able to beat Pro-Di-To and stop them from changing the status quo, but it might just be too late. They need to uncover the truth and show the British people what has been happening for years underneath their feet.

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