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Paper Boats & Butterflies Igniting the truth, book 3 in the dystopian literature trilogy.

How do you fight against a highly respected company and unfold the real truth to the world? Now is not the time for tears. Now is the time to remember. Friendships will be rekindled yet flames of passion may engulf the path to freedom. Can Erin and Miranda ignite the truth before it is too late?

Book 3 cover mock up  (1).jpg

Erin, Miranda and the Teardrops have escaped Zephyr, but now must run for their lives. They discover more about Trefoil, the company who are behind the underground schools and find they are now up against a huge corporation, Pro-Di-To, who are not going to give up without a fight.

Both Erin and Miranda learn how to make fireworks at their work placement. Frankie and his sister, Cara use their knowledge to design computer systems in boats. If they trust one another, they might be able to beat Pro-Di-To and stop them from changing the status quo, but it might just be too late. They need to uncover the truth and show the British people what has been happening for years underneath their feet.

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