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The front cover of Sue Upton - Author's book Paper Boats & Butterflies book drawn by Lauren Zorkoczy
The title wording Paper Boats and Butterflies
Unfolding the truth wording

is the first of a dystopian literature trilogy for a young adult audience written by Olney based Author Sue Upton. It's set in 2015 and explores the theme of Nature versus Nurture. 

Paper Boats & Butterflies Unfolding The Truth

Butterfly in flight.png
Back of the book Paper Boats & Butterflies
A picture of a paper boat

At the beginning of the novel, we meet two girls, Z89, who is bombarded by rats and giant spiders, and then in complete contrast ERIN, who is seen arguing with her parents. Erin often gets into trouble at school and feels her parents favour her brother, MALACHI.

Erin lives in a small town called Newton. Her family are comfortably well off and seem to be happy and ‘normal’. Z89 has no family and lives in a very different environment, yet to her this is also ‘normal’.

Erin, a karate black belt, discovers things about her family she cannot explain and decides to uncover the truth.

Flowers in a bunch
Plan of the bunker from Sue Upton - Author's book, Paper Boats & Butterflies
The words read an extract in a purple square
The words MK on a grey background

I like to use names that have. meaning - here are some from the novel. 

ERIN means peace (Her middle name is Nova which means new or chasing butterflies.) 

MIRANDA means wonderful

MALACHAI (Mal) means messenger of God.

CARA means beloved or friend. 

ELSIE means noble. 

Colour is very important in the novel. I have looked at the psychology of colours and have taken some aspects for the different characters. There are many other symbolic meanings to colours, but I have chosen these.

BLUE = Intelligence and loyalty

GREY = Gloomy and sad

WHITE = Innocence and purity

PURPLE = Mysterious and ambitious

BROWN = Friendly but dogmatic

BEIGE = Dependable and boring

YELLOW = Creative and unstable

ORANGE = Friendly and shows ignorance

GREEN = Fresh growth but can indicate jealousy

RED = Love but also danger

TURQUOISE = Protective

BLACK = Offers protection but also mysterious

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